• Buy-to-let Property Investment

    We provide the very best in investment properties in the North of England.

  • Experienced Investors

    Our staff have an abundance of experience and knowledge about property in the North.
  • Your own Portfolio Manager

    A personal Portfolio Manager will help advise you on the right investments to make based on your goals.
  • Discounted Properties

    We source properties that are generally off-market with a discount below genuine market value.


Why & Where Should I Invest?

Quite simply over the next 25 years – the population of the UK is expected to increase by 10 Million.

Simple Supply & Demand economics mean that with our constant failure to hit building targets in the UK coupled with an ageing (and in many cases unsuitable) property stock in the UK – demand will outstrip supply.


The reason why I believe the North East & Yorkshire represents such a good opportunity therefore is 3 fold:

  1. Prices are still well below national averages (still some way behind the peak of 2007)

  2. Rental Demand is Very Strong

  3. With the increasing targeting by the Government of Buy to Let Investors (Taxation Changes), high yielding and lower priced properties is the only way forward.

Morgan Grey specialise in providing clients with Investment Ready and “policy proof” opportunities when compared to most other areas of the UK.