The latest news for the property market

HM Revenue and Customs have released their latest data on property transactions. This data shows that the number of property transactions decreased between the months of April and May 2021. UK residential property transactions fell by 3.9% between the two months. On the other hand, non residential property transactions actually increased by 8.7% during the […]

Housing market continues to boom

The competition for houses continues. This competition for very limited supply is forcing the housing boom to surge forward into the warmer months. Nicky Stephenson, MD of Fine and Country has commented that the imbalance between supply and demand has caused house prices to increase. One in three homes are now selling above the original […]

The rush to return to city centre living

According to Rightmove, there has been a surge in demand for smaller properties which are located close to city centres. Bigger, family style homes have been leading the market over the past year due to the high demand for attentional space. Many families needed spare space to allow them to work from home . The […]

Many buy to let landlords are planning on expanding their portfolios

Research has shown that more than a quarter of buy- to-let landlords plan on expanding their property portfolios within the next 12 months. Buy to lets are continuing to outweigh other asset classes. Due to this reason Knight Knox have surveyed 500 landlords. Their answers have shown that 27% of buy-to-let landlords are looking for […]

Rent prices are on the rise as demand for rental properties grows

Rental prices are once again on the up. This is attributed to the ever rising demand for rental properties. The number of landlords increasing rent significantly rose in March. Coupled with this, lettings agents noted a significant increase in the numbers of prospective tenants registering per branch. ARLA Propertymark’s data has shown that there were […]

The number of prospective tenants has risen for 2 consecutive months

According to the Private Rented Sector Report ,by ARLA Propertymark, in February the number of prospective tenants rose again. This follows the same trend as the figures collected in January. The report also shows that the average number of prospective tenants rose to 82 new tenants registered per branch in February. This is an increase […]

Are landlords delaying investing till lockdown measures are eased?

According to the National Landlord Index the answer is yes. Their research has shown that over half (59.8%) of landlords are delaying investing in property till lockdown measures relax. The research also comes to the conclusion that landlords still feel safest when investing in the rental market. This is because it is a lot safer […]

Surge in numbers of tenants looking for rental properties.

There was a huge surge in numbers of new prospective tenants looking for homes in January. Data gathered by ARLA Propertymark in their private rental sector report shows that the number of new prospective tenants rose by 27% in January. An average of 81 were registered per branch in January 2021 compared to 64 the […]

House prices growing the most in the South West

According to research by e.serv chartered surveyors the South West of England saw a house price rise of 13.9% in January 2021. This is the steepest rise across England and Wales. Average house prices in the South West stand at £332,844. Other places which are undergoing mass property price increases are the East Midlands (10.4%), […]