Are landlords delaying investing till lockdown measures are eased?

According to the National Landlord Index the answer is yes. Their research has shown that over half (59.8%) of landlords are delaying investing in property till lockdown measures relax.

The research also comes to the conclusion that landlords still feel safest when investing in the rental market. This is because it is a lot safer than any other form of investment at the moment, especially with the stock market being so volatile during the pandemic.

The desire from landlords to grow their portfolios has also been expressed. This is shown by the high number of applications for buy to let mortgages. In fact, two fifths of landlords plan on applying for a buy to let mortgage at some point this year.

Aaron Short, chief executive at has argued that landlords are clearly optimistic about the property market. This will in turn cause house prices to increase.

He also states the data collected from landlords on their experiences will be vital in understanding how the lettings market is due to change in the future.