Government appears determined for the housing market to remain open.

Scientific advisors have stated that the current lockdown measures do not go far enough to prevent the spread of a coronavirus. They should therefore be tightened.

The latest guidance from the government is that renters, agents, buyers, sellers and landlords should be prepared for a closure of the market.

They have stated that it may be necessary to pause all home movers, both locally and nationally. This will help slow the spread of coronavirus for a short period.

But many government officials have expressed that they are “determined” for that not to happen.

One aide has stated that we all must “follow the guidance which as been set out by the government”. This should ensure home moving is done safely.

The chancellor, Rishi Sunak, is reluctant to close the housing market for fear of the economic reproductions.

A spokesperson to for the prime minister has said that Boris Johnson can’t rule out introducing harsher measures. The spokesman commented that “if further action needs to be taken, we will”.